Event Management Courses

Introduction to events management

Gold Coast function at mantra legends hotelWould you like to organise amazing, creative and original events for clients, family, friends or your own clubs and groups?

We run Gold Coast event management courses where you will learn how to become an event planner and market and stage successful events in amazing locations.

With our introduction to event management courses, you will learn the skills it takes to run successful events including:

  • Location selection and negotiation with suppliers
  • Stages of planning and organising speakers/presentations
  • Marketing the event both online and offline
  • Gaining event sponsorship
  • and best practice for hosting the event

Your trainer is Rob Thompson who has worked in many areas of the entertainment industry and is the founder and host of the Gold Coast Business Club. Rob is an experienced marketing trainer and has organised and hosted many successful events. Rob will be sharing with you the secrets and strategies that he has learned and developed to smoothly run events that make attendees feel welcome and leave having had an enjoyable experience that they will tell there friends and family about.

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