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Sales training Gold CoastOur one day sales training Gold Coast hands on workshops are designed to assist you to achieve maximum results in your business by increasing targeted leads, sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

You will learn the skills it takes to become a sales superstar with this one day interactive sales training short course. Rather than learning scripted material each attendee will learn how to construct and execute their own authentic, from the heart sales dialogue.

Attendees will learn an array of new sales skills and also undertake hands on practice so they leave having actually achieved something as well.

By developing a custom sales processĀ  attendees will walk out at the end of the day with the confidence and skills to generate leads, pitch their product or service, overcome objections and ultimately increase their sales performance.

Attendees of this course will undertake these hands on activities:

Blue tickIdentify and write their goals both financial and personal.

Blue tickTo begin developing their daily action plan to achieve their sales goals.

Blue tickTo identify and overcome their greatest fears in the sales process.

Blue tickDevelop a Personalised Product PitchTM.

Blue tickDevelop a Customer Continuity ConsciousnessTM plan.

Blue tickOne on One practice of their Personalised Product PitchTM.

Blue tickThe power of tonality and how it is your single most effective tool in the sales process

Blue tickWays to attract your ideal clients

Blue tickEffective closing techniques

Our breakthrough Sales Training Gold Coast course will have you and your employees performing at the next level guaranteed. This one day course will have you and your team leaving at the end of the day with a blueprint for sales success.

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